Installation of silent fan Noctua NF-A8-PWM on Gigabyte Brix Pro i7


I bought powerful Gigabyte Brix Pro i7 4770R(m.2 sata Samsung EVO 250) for mobile video encoding :)
PC works very good but very very strong fan noise - like a hair dryer :(

Gigabyte Brix Pro i7 4770R with native noisy fan BB7515BU

So i decided replace native fan with silent Noctua NF-A8-PWM.
First cut a square hole in the top of the Brix box

Hole for fan in the Brix box

Connect Noctua fan cable with old fan cable.
Install fan with only one screw. Power on.
Ami bios shows fan error, because Noctua doesn't rotate when temperature of CPU is cool.
We can press F1 to resume PC boot or simply disable fan control in the bios.

Now we ready to assemble Brix without fan. And after it fan will be inserted.
Final test

Noise near the PC is about 60 dB. If the distance about 50cm, the noise is about 35 dB.
I am using 50Ah battery for mobile video encoding and it works about 3 hours(average 42% 4 cores load).
That's all.
Thanks to Gigabyte and Noctua :)